A Great Armband

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Sometimes I need a place to put my phone while I'm working out, the Evolv Gear allows me to do just that. Let me start by telling you the things I love most about this armband, one it have a warranty that allows you to return it at anytime, number 2 it can fit different sizes phones and last but not least it feels really good on your arm. As you can tell in my video review, I was able to push the armbands to it's limits. I tried my best to get it to pop it off but the armband held on and I never had to adjust it one time. I have used all kinds of gear to workout with and almost of them had a learning curve or I had to make some kind of adjustment doing the work out. I never had to re-adjust this armband one time during my workout and that's another plus! I KNOW WHEN PEOPLE SEE REVIEWS THEY QUESTION IF IT IS REAL! To that my friend, all I have to say is don't believe me just watch the video and see how much fun I had with this.
Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for my honest review. I am not paid by this company or affiliated with this company in anyway, they have no control over my opinion! This product is selling around 34 dollars at the time this review. I spent 6 hours producing and editing this video, multiplied that at 25.00 dollars minimal fee equal 150.00 dollars. That do not exclude equipment fee or editing software, plus 25 dollars a hour is unrealistic for a professional review, it's way more than that! SO THE NEXT TIME SOME CALL A VIDEO REVIEWER FAKE, just remember this formula. I do it because I love trying out new products and have a whole youtube dedicated to doing so. This is a good product, right out the box!

Galaxy Tech Review of Evolv Gear Sports Armband

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Luke @ Galaxy Tech Review
The EVOLV GEAR Sports Armband is a great armband, In our testing we found it to be very comfortable while running or doing a workout. Built for phones the size of the iphone 6, galaxy S5 and S6, we found that we could even fit a Galaxy Note 4 inside and it still worked as expected. Very well built out of comfortable material. We liked the addition of a credit/debit card slot and a pocket for your house/car key as well.
  • Well made
  • Pockets for key and for card
  • Can take a larger phone if you need it to
  • None for this review.
Overall a thumbs up from us.
I received the product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.